Email : ll
Name : flo
Homepage :
Comment : huiuuuu
Date : 03/02/2005 18:49:07
Email :
Name : jodzygal
Homepage :
Comment : hiya ppl winmarleigh hall is a good outdoor centre but the thing that annoyed me when our school went was that there was a building site right outside and it made the house look tacky but apart from that the activites were good and my little sister shannon is going soon so i hope she will enjoy it as much as i did cya xx

Date : 04/01/2005 12:20:44
Email :
Name : Bob
Homepage : Caparo Junior Soccer
Comment : Great site. Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't remember teachers having fun weeks away, I must have been born 40 years too soon. Best wishes for the future.
Date : 25/05/2002 00:51:31
Email :
Homepage :
Comment : hi Henry (hennerz)
the web page is brilliant, it's nice to see what your all doing. Glad to know youve made you name on the highwire ;) hope you have fun during the rest of your stay.

cya soon!
Loads of love
Tom and Family xxx

Date : 23/05/2002 19:31:10
Email :
Name : Thomas Hill
Homepage :
Comment : Hello Thomas. thank you for your e mail (all 10 words) I am so pleased you did the talent show as I was sure you would chicken out, well done.
Do be gentle with the teachers they have a week at work before they can have a week off.
Lick from Jessie
Kisses from Mor,dad and Tut
Date : 23/05/2002 16:50:07
Email :
Name : dean,jo,daz
Homepage :
Comment : hi bex how are you ,hope everythings ok and hope you are enjoying it missing you lots
dad mum daz
Date : 22/05/2002 22:44:11
Email :
Name : aimee smith
Homepage :
Comment : natalie why havent you been in touch guess you are havin to much fun

P.S read your e-mail
Date : 22/05/2002 17:37:08
Email :
Name : the manager
Homepage : winmarleigh
Comment : Hi greg its just me carly. i hope ur having a great time and all that, but i just thougt id tell you its very quiet without you here. lol. about those socks i bet they were yours as yours always smell. Mum sez when are you going to call us were waiting. i hope ur having a healthy breakfast, if not then u better be eating it all up because when i go on my trip i'll get french food. well got 2 go we miss u. luv ur big sis Carly xxx
Date : 22/05/2002 08:17:53
Email :
Name : Liam Burfield
Homepage : Winmarleigh 2002
Comment : Hi Liam
Hope you are enjoying yourself - do you need matchsticks to keep your eyes open?
as we hear you are not getting much sleep. Sorry to hear of the death of your deputy head - suggest you dig him up in time for the talent show, we hear he does a mean Ali-Gee.
Speak to you soon love Nana & Grandad
Date : 21/05/2002 21:55:52
Email :
Name : The Bagley Family
Homepage :
Comment : Hi Mike

Happy Birthday (21st May) from all the family.

Richard and Sarah are looking after the GAME CUBE It's BRILLIANT!!!

Hope you're enjoying yourself and you're getting plenty of food and sleep!

See you soon

Love from Mum xx, Dad, Rich and Sarah.
Date : 21/05/2002 20:46:35
Email :
Name : Thomas Hill
Homepage : Winmarleigh 2002
Comment : Nice to hear that you were on the nice bus. It sounds wonderful all the things you are doing there.Apart from the lack of sleep!
I wonder if I could go next year?
I can only presume that we have not heard from you becouse you are having a wonderful time, good for you!
Kiss from Mor,Dad,Trudie and jessie

Date : 21/05/2002 17:03:21
Email :
Name : john cressey
Homepage : winmarleigh
Comment : to greg cressey glad to see you all
arrived safe
hope your socks do not smell.
by the look of things when friday
arives the staff will all be on
valeium (well no change there then)
hope you are enjoying your self
and get some sleep

love mum & dad & carly
Date : 21/05/2002 14:23:57
Email :
Name : Antonia Spowage
Homepage :
Comment : Glad you all arrived safely.Looks like you are having a very busy day and very noisey night.Hope the olypics went well will keep logging on to find out how you are doing . love mum,dad and josh xx
Date : 21/05/2002 12:50:43
Email :
Name : Dean Winney
Homepage :
Comment : Hi, Lewis. I heard that your chain broke on the BMX bike. You must have been peddling like the clappers. better luck tomorrow.

Date : 20/05/2002 22:06:38
Email :
Name : Wizard Prang
Homepage :
Comment : I see you arrived then Kieran.
Your mum says " Don't forget to change your pants."
Ha Ha. Dont forget to write.
See you later man.
Date : 20/05/2002 20:40:48
Email :
Name : Stacey's mum
Homepage :
Comment : Hiya Stace.

Bet your bus driver was the one stuck in the mud! Have a great time see you Friday

Mum. dad and Matt
Date : 20/05/2002 20:39:53
Email :
Name : LouiseSmith
Homepage :
Comment : Looks like you had an eventful first day - and that was before the activities begin!
Hope you all have a good time and the weather keeps fine for you.
Natalie Smith's mum
Date : 20/05/2002 20:31:24
Email :
Name : natasha bainbridge
Homepage :
Comment : It made me chuckle to myself reading your 1st adventure just getting to Winmarleigh Hall . I do feel sorry 4 the bus drivers r u sure they will be picking u back up? Hope everyone has a wonderful time and i will keep checking your page its well written. Alex shaws mum.
Date : 20/05/2002 18:06:27