This is a record of Berkeley Junior School's residential trip to the Kingswood Centre, West Runton, Norfolk from 1st June 2003 to 6th June 2003.

We intend to update the site every day during our stay to inform friends and family back in Scunthorpe what we have been up to.


Berkeley has Landed!

So what to tell you?

The journey here was rather uneventful. Jessica O figured out the finer workings of the bus toilet. Did you know you can adjust the light intensity!!! Amy and Gabby munched their way through several bags of dubious looking sweets. And the year 6 children embarked on a mammoth marshmallow competition with Aden and Ana emerging victorious.

At 1 O'clock or there abouts, we stopped for lunch. The children were very well behaved unfortunately, we were asked to leave as Mr Callaway was found rumaging through the litter bins. He assures us that he was looking for Louis's Yugiho (?*!@?) cards. However, Louis had the cards in his bag all along. I'll let you make you draw your own conclusions.

On arriving the children were shown to their dorms. All children are in the main building and most of their dorms can be seen from the front of the building. Unfortunately the rumour circulated by a memebr of the school office staff that the beds would not have to be made was in fact false! The children did have to make their own beds and in true Berkeley style they protested but still persevered and in turn invented some new and rather complex yoga positions.

This evening the children have all taken part in group activities. The Year 5's have done Lazer Tag and Caving. Group U ( the uglies!) had the pleasure of crawling through the caves on hands and knees. They emerged covered in mud! Zak sported a rather fetching army style face pack and a not so new looking pair of trainers.

The children are now all enjoying an evening of sports activities and are hopefully looking forward to a cup of cocoa and an early night. Or is that the teachers? The Staff are keeping a close eye on Mr Callaway who managed to disappear for most of the afternoon. We will let you know more tomorrow, but needless to say it involved two young ladies and bags of sympathy.

That's all for now folks, sleep well and spare a thought for your beloved children who will no doubt, battle through the night and resist the urge to sleep!


At bed time last night we were still panicking trying to get the boys' beds into some sort of order, since apart from Aden the boys didn't have much of a clue about making beds. The boys' dormitories were so hot the children were sleeping on top of their duvets, so the time spent struggling to fit square duvets into rectangular duvet covers was a bit of a waste! The heat did not make it any easier for the children to get off to sleep and we had the usual first night shenanigans. The boys eventually quietened down by midnight (after Mr C had sat in the doorway of each of the boys' dorms until they realised that what was expected of them at this time was sleep and not sweet raids on other dorms, flashlight messaging, hide and seek etc!) All the boys quiet by midnight?? A result!! However, our optimism was short lived. The boys were awake, and letting everyone know that they were awake, at 5.30!! Needless to say, there were a lot of blurry eyes today.

Meanwhile, in the girls' corridor things were quite different. Amy, Fern and Gabby were living up to the latter's name by chatting away, keeping awake most of their dorm (and more importantly Miss Shields and Mrs Smith) until 2.30 in the morning. However, revenge was swift and sweet! The offending girls were woken by a squirt from Miss Shields' water pistol.


Joanne is getting to be quite a ruthless markswoman with the water pistol as she has taken to firing on unsuspecting children (not necessarily from our school!) queuing up innocently outside the telephone box. Well, they would be foolish enough to stand right below her window!! When they feel a splash of water on their face, they look around bemusedly, as by this time Joanne has hidden the offending weapon. As you can imagine, this is a source of great amusement for those of us with an impish sense of humour!!


Today has been jam packed full of activities. The highlight being the trip to the beach. After a very grey and wet start to the day the sun eventually broke through the clouds in time for us to build some rather impressive sandcastles.

Ignorance is bliss!

Both the year 6 and year 5 children have attempted 'THE WALL'. The year 6 pupils were wise to the task and took the more cautious approach. The year 5 children however, went at it like a bull in a china shop. The Uglies (group U) excelled themselves. Kye took the lead and went straight for the difficult over hang of the wall. He "hung" around for quite some time before finally reaching the top much to the approval of his group mates and instructors. Luke clung to the wall like spiderman and finished in record time. Look for the pictures in the photo album.

The Twits (group T) were the first to try the quads. They all completed the circuit despite the continual rain. Christopher even managed a crafty one hander! Louise must have done one too many laps as she left the activity with what can only be described as travel sickness! After a short rest in the first aid room she returned to action.

After the torrential rain during the early hours the caves where ready to devour their next set bathed beauties. And devour they did!


The Sillies (group S) were extremely silly! After kitting up the children were shown how to use the lamps attached to their helmets

Of course the concept of electricity failed to come to the fore front of their minds and they were well and truly had! We are now reconsidering how sucessful or unsucessful the science SAT's results will be.
Fianally Jack drove a Lamborghini, lived in a cardboard box and had a penny to his name all in the name of Archery! Poor Old Tom A had to walk home wearing only sunglasses. Needless to say Tom will not be auditioning for the role of Robin Hood any time soon.

Sun, Sea and Sand

Fortunately for us the rain stopped. The sun struggled to shine through and dry the sand. The Sillies, Twits and Uglies all made the 15minute walk down to the beach equipped with buckets and football. The children were given the choice of several activities. Dexter opted for rock pooling although someone should explain that there is really no need to plonk his feet in all the rock pools on the beach. Chloe, Sam and Jo all made friends with some rather tiny crabs, Chloe assured us that hers was sleepy, he must have heard our year 5 girls too!

The time flew by and before we knew it we were heading back. As we walked home we stopped off at the local store. I have to say that this appears to have been the highlight of the trip so far. The children were able to buy ice creams and sweets. Unfortunately the boys did not have their money with them as Mr Callaway had done one of is vanishing acts. Mrs Bayley and Miss Shields came to the rescue and lent several boys some money to treat themselves. Most boys were frivolous and spent the money within seconds of it touching their hands. Sam went totally crazy and purchased a nice hot cup of tea and a packet of Hobnobs! Just to warn you the boys are not good at paying back their debts and the interest is mounting! All cheques should be made payable to the Tired Teacher Fund!
There are more snap shots in the photo album; I particularly like the one where Stanley is tucking into an extremely nutritional bar of Chocolate. And yes he did eat it all!

The Callaway Conspiracy

The illusive Mr Callaway has continued to confuse staff with his frequent absences. Children and staff alike have struggled to pin him down.

Monday Morning Mr Callaway was seen leaving the centre with a member of the Kingswood staff but where he was going is still a mystery.

At the beach Miss Shields spotted an unidentified object resting by the edge of the sea. Thinking that Mr Callaway had washed ashore a team of unqualified forensic officers rushed to investigate. On closer inspection the inspectors realise that it was in fact a retro beanbag that had washed up from the 70’s. Hmmm the similarities were uncanny!


Last night the children slept very well and I think most children were asleep before midnight. We even had to wake a few this morning, a tough job but someone has to do it! We arrived for breakfast a little blurry eyed but Jack and Thomas A still managed to cram in a second helping

The children started the day with climbing and archery then after a short juice break Quads, Night Line and Parachute games. Kye managed to grab 40 winks during this session but on the 41st wink he was gently persuaded to wake up. (See the photo album). You can see that the Twits started the Night Line well. They did not finish so well. Georgia crawled so low to the floor that she nearly swallowed the ground and Sophie showed real strength of character by completing the course.

After lunch the Uglies took to the racetrack. Kelly is now known as the new Schumacher! She put her foot to the floor, which in turn put her go-Kart into the barrier.

You will be pleased to know that the Sillies and the Uglies have definitely had a wash in the form of a swimming session. We can’t vouch for how much soap was used in the showers but everybody certainly came into contact with water. Liam wrapped his legs round Miss Shields’s waist (His legs are quite long!) and managed to stay there despite numerous dunkings. Mrs Bayley took a severe splashing from a large group of pupils who will rename nameless but shall be watched closely for the rest of the week.
Apologise for the brief run down of the day’s events. Today has been a bit tough on everyone. We are not expecting any resistance tonight when lights go out. There are some very tired children here tonight. I’m sure the disco/movie night will round the evening off beautifully and we will wake tomorrow refreshed and ready for the challenges tomorrow will bring.

Last night the children went through a rigorous room inspection. Ben, Stanley, Dexter, Liam, Luke and Sam made a tremendous effort and their room was gleaming! Towels were hung to dry, dirty clothes were in the plastic bags and clean clothes were packed neatly in the crates provided by Kingswood. We didn’t think this impressive start could be beaten but we were wrong! On entering the largest of the boy’s dorms we were greeted by 12 boys sat smartly and welcoming us into their tidy room! I have to say we love the vast variety of underpants modelled this week Ashley AKA Captain Underpants.

The evening was going well, the boys had pulled their socks up and put them in the correct crate or bag and Mr Callaway was extra chipper due to the England score. We were ready to tackle the girls rooms. It was not good. Piles of clothes on the floor, wet towels screwed up and popcorn hidden under duvets were just a few of the delights the year 5 girls had in store.


Last nights scores

Hackford (Y6 Boys) – 6 points,

Hingham (Y5 Boys) – 7 +2 for getting to sleep early.

Happisburgh (Y5 Boys) - 7 points.

Hempstead (Y5 Girls)- 5 points

Holt –(Y6 Girls) 6 points.





Breakfast is served at 7.45 am. The children have to be up and showered ready for the first sitting in the dinner hall. However, the past 2 mornings we have been late. Martha Mouth Almighty did a superb job of waking all her roommates this morning, no need for an alarm clock when she’s around! Hempstead (Y5 girls) were terrible again, they really struggle to get out of bed in the morning, this could be due to the fact that they have failed to get to sleep before midnight each night. Chloe B and Jessica O have our full admiration. How they manage to sleep as well as they do in that room is a mystery

Breakfast this morning had a continental feel. Ben's description of the menu was beautiful. “ Did you know that Curly C bread comes from France?!” Amy W ran a master class course outlining the preparation of croissants although her first student, Sam, didn’t quite grasp the complex dissection process.

Zak rushed out of bed so fast that he didn’t have time to address the very impressive ‘bed-head’ that he crafted during the night. Ever dedicated to the welfare of the children Miss Shields and her trusty Super-Soaker came to the rescue.

The first sessions included Lazer Tag, Low Ropes and Go-Karts. Luke H pulled a very impressive ‘Donut’ on the first bend, we think he was trying to win back his girl friend. If that doesn’t do it Luke then she doesn’t deserve you! Perhaps she would be more impressed with the jam variety!

The highlight of the morning has been the Sillies Night Line. Night Line has to be the dirtiest activity at Kingswood, especially when the staff come armed with bottles of water and Super-Soakers. The results are impressive. For this reason we have dedicated a whole photo page just to show you how much FUN the staff have, the children find it mildly amusing too. At this point we would like to mention Sophie, Jo, Gary and Georgia. These children have all done the Night Line and taken all the obstacles thrown at them. In some cases they have been really scared but still they continued. Others have really entered into the spirit of the activity and have thrown themselves into it metaphorically and physically.



The Beginning


Indiya looking a little tyred!







Oliver, Gary, Martha and Ana

Martha and Ana


Joseph and Aden

Jo and Samantha


Wobbly bridge



You will be pleased to here that the girls have finally tidied their rooms! However, they still have not mastered the knack of whispering or going to sleep. You will be in for a quiet weekend!

This morning started late again. The sun was streaming though our windows but still the children slept. At 7.30am Mr Callaway woke all the boys and Mrs Bayley enlisted the help of her Super Soaker to wake the sleepy heads in the girls dorms. This was not a good manoeuvre. Straight after breakfast a water fight ensued between the Year 6 girls and Mrs Bayley, Mrs Smith and Miss Shields. The staff were confident that they would emerge victorious. However, things turned a little nasty when Ana, soaked to the skin, lay on Miss Shields’s bed and soaked the sheet. Mrs Bayley defended herself using Miss Shields duvet and Jo-Jo emptied a bottle of water over Mrs Smith who had been left unarmed. Tonight Miss Shields will be kicking the first troublemaker out of bed and pinching their bedding so that she can have a dry bed tonight.

The morning has gone very quickly, it’s amazing what a difference the sun makes. The timetable is changing constantly at the moment to make sure that each group has a turn at each activity. There has been a few technical hitches probably the most major being the leak in the swimming pool. The plan at the moment is to reschedule the last swimming sessions for Friday morning. You’ll be able to spot the children that attend this session just by using your sense of smell. We are planning to seat the clean children at the front of the bus and pack the others in the hold. If the smell from the dorms is anything to go by I wouldn't relish unpacking those bags Friday evening.


After lunch the children have all had the opportunity to have a look at this web site and read your messages. It has been absolutely fantastic reading your messages each day. A very big thank-you to all. An even bigger thank-you to all those parents who have unashamedly humiliated their children on the World Wide Web!

Tonight the children finish their evening with a film or disco. There are already plans afoot to stay up late! Later than what we ask? Perhaps the children want to stay up late so that they can sort through their cases and pack the dirty washing separately from the clean washing. We think not!

The children will be doing activities right till the bitter end! Not to mention packing, stripping their beds and clearing their dorms of smelly socks. We are having lunch at 12.05pm and hope to leave at 1pm or thereabouts. Technically we should arrive back at Berkeley at 4.30pm but Mr Callaway may have to stop to rummage through a few bins on the way so who knows!

Finally we would just like to mention the Birthday Boy! Jordan will be 10 years old tomorrow. In celebration of this momentous occasion we have compiled a special photo album. Hope you like it Mrs Barrett! And yes this is the one of the few perks of working for Mrs Bayley. And yes they are few and far between!!!!





va va vfoom

Boing Boing

Going Up



vroom vroom



Splish Splash

Where's me mum it's dark in here!

So what has Mr Callaway been up to?

Amazingly just before leaving Berkeley on Sunday morning Mr Callaway complained of a sore foot. Sore foot my ****! Shortly after arriving at Kingswood Mr Callaway disappeared only to re surface at meal times. He was later caught boring two young ladies with his life story.

The sore foot saga continued and he eventually convinced the Kingswood staff that he needed medical attention. So early Monday morning he was whisked to hospital. By this time the children had become accustomed to Mr Callaway’s absence and they were beginning to forget that he had even joined us on this trip.

In true Callaway style he returned just in time for lunch with a bandaged foot. 24 hours after arriving here Mrs Bayley, Mrs Smith and Miss Shields had adopted a group each which left Mr Callaway to do …?

Hats off to you sir! Del Boy could learn a trick or two from you.

Photo Album 1

The Twits (Group T)



Chloe and Georgia



Stanley and Aden


Gary and Thomas M.


The Uglies




The Uglies (Group U)




Joshua, Ben and Matt


Dexter and Jessica O




Wake up KYE!

Gerogia & Jessica O

Jessica, Kelly and Amy W


Matthew, Zak and Louis

Jordan, Ben and Kye


Team Challenge

The Twits Team Challenge

The Sillies


The Sillies problem Solving