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Well, we've come to the last day. The activities this morning are aeroball, climbing and all aboard. The children were woken up at 6.00am so I don't think you will have any problem getting them to bed tonight.
The disco was enjoyed by the children and some of the photos are up already HERE
The weather is overcast but it promises no rain.





After the morning activities we had lunch and then it was time to announce the winners of the tidiest room
Roll of drums!!!

Girls winners---- Room 8

Boys winners------ Room 1

Girls runners up -------Rooms 11 and 14
Boys runner up------Room 6

The dusters were presented to room--------2

The bus was loaded and we said goodbye to Caythorpe court

And now the customary sleeping children :)


That was Caythorpe for another Year for Berkeley Juniors. I would like to thanks all the Caythorpe staff and all of the staff from Berkeley with a very special mention to Miss Howlett without who this would not have been possible. Also a very big thank you to all of you parents who lent us your children for 5 days, it would have been very quiet  and boring without them, also for all the support on the website - we have had 118,000 hits, 900 unique visitors, who have viewed around 3GB of data. The guestbook has over 600 messages and has been viewed over 10,000 times since Monday
The biggest thanks go to the children, who have behaved so well for the whole trip. They have climbed, jumped swum, shot, crawled, and danced this week and hopefully will remember it for years to come.

We have only been able to put a small amount of photos on the website, there are over 1,300 photos, these will be put onto DVD's as soon as I get time and will be available from school.