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The children all slept so well last night, it must have been all that fresh air!

We have zip wire, trapeze, archery and raft building today. we all have wet weather gear so the rain won't bother us or dampen our spirits!



The rain wasn't as prolonged as expected and the sun came out just after lunch time. we had the raft building this afternoon, some managed to stay dry while others got a good dunking! the trapeze (one of my favourites) was great fun, children pushed themselves to the limit with tears of frustation and tears of joy. We are very proud of our groups, the way they have jelled into a team, supporting and challenging each other is lovely to see.







  Tonight the evening entertainment is Passport to the World, that should wear them out. Room inspection is getting tight now, we went a few minutes earlier tonight and the routines were still being polished! needless to say one or two rooms weren't quite ready hence the low scores for one or two.

The children's behaviour has been excellent they have done themselves  and the staff proud.




  Tomorrow's forecast looks promising, we have another full day of activities ending with the now all famous Caythorpe disco!!