Here we are again!

This is a record of Berkeley Junior School's residential trip to the Kingswood Centre, West Runton, Norfolk from 6th June 2004 to 11th June 2004.

We intend to update the site every day during our stay to inform friends and family back in Scunthorpe what we have been up to.

Hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy providing it!

Destination Kingswood

The road was long, with a many a winding turn but here we are safe and sound! In true Berkeley style we could write pages about the finer characteristics of the each of the bus drivers. The year 5 bus had the luxury of cinematic entertainment whilst the Year 6 bus had the delightful company of one of Snow White's Seven dwarfs, needless to say it wasn't Happy!

At around 12pm we stopped for lunch and EVERYONE ate. It wasn't quite the miracle of bread and fishes but it's amazing what you can make if you've got the right type of plastic. At this point in our journey the sick bucket score was nil-nil!

As we pulled into the Kingwood centre the sight was over whelming for some children, a rush of memories came flooding back, as did Louise's lunch – Thanks Louise! Un-phased by this we all ventured onto the the playing field. Dexter surveyed the land - “Hey Miss Shields! You see all that water, that's the sea!” He was perfectly correct, it was the sea and mighty fine it looked too! The sun is out, the sky is clear and the sea is on our door step, what more could we ask for?

So hears to a good day, a peaceful night and I bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!

Morning has broken, like, the first morning! For some it was earlier than others. After what seemed to be an excellent first night some of the boys decided to get up at 4.30am much to dismay of Mrs Smith and Mr Veall. Miss Houghton however, managed to sleep through all of the commotion and awoke this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed - guess who'll be doing the late shift tonight! Allegedly someone awoke, thought it was breakfast time and got everyone up and dressed. So if you were stuck for any Christmas present ideas I think some children and some tired staff would really appreciate a watch.

The annual 'Really Reputable Room' (RRR) competition is well under way. There are some earlier leaders with the Hawks scoring a whopping 19.5 out of 20 - Well done Tom Dominic, Alan and Nick. Each room is inspected nightly and is awarded marks out of ten for the overall condition of the room. A further 10 marks are awarded if everyone goes straight to sleep. However, a mark is deducted each time the room has to be spoken to during the night/morning. Join in and make a 'Banzi' prediction will your child will be in the winning room? Has your child the ability to sleep through the night?


The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. Several groups have been able to take full advantage of the sun and the glorious surroundings. Group G, Year 5, have been learning circus skills. Children had to master a circus skill then perform their act to the group. Lauren persevered with the diablo regardless of the injuries she inflicted on anyone else. When Mrs Bayley eventually arrives I will have to see what the suitable punishment is for pupils who whack their teachers over the head with flying objects.

Group I had there first E-mailing session. Thanks too all the parents who have left messages in the guest book. Katie really appreciated receiving her message especially when it was read aloud for the whole group to hear! Out here in the country the wonders of Broadband are a mere dream. This is causing a few problems when large groups are using the web so we apologise now if your reply messages don't reach you. Fortunately we can at least manage to receive mail. Up loading pictures to this web page is also taking rather longer than anticipated but we will endeavour to add the faces of your slightly grubby children to the World Wide Web as soon as possible.


The sun has got his hat on hip-hip-hip-hurray! The sun has got his hat on and we’re coming out play!

Today has been fantastic! The children slept well, the RRR competition is heating up
and the Internet held out just long enough for us to up load some pictures and down load your messages.

This morning started in a frenzy of suntan lotion, the girls were lashing it on whereas the boy were using the more traditional method of retaining a layer of dirt to block the harmful rays. Breakfast this morning had a distinctively continental feel about it. Amy discovered the delights of croissants, not entirely convinced that they went particularly well with baked beans though!

The first session for Group H was Emailing. William was keen to pick up his emails but much to his dismay and that of everyone else the Internet failed to deliver. Keen to make the most of this glorious day we abandoned the confines of the sweltering ICT Lab and ventured out onto the playing field. After a few tentative rounds of splat the children soon honed the skills needed to splat each other with lightening speed accuracy!

Group I and K have both practised their circus skills, some are obviously natural clowns but some hidden talents soon emerged. Chris amazed the crowd with his gravity defying plate spinning and Tom wowed us all with his masterful handling of a diablo. In climbing the Year 5 showed some gutsy determination. Lewis and Jasmine battled to reach the top of the wall. The tension was too much for Mr Veall who had to look away, Jasmin's hand shook as she reached for the perfect grip, she missed! After gritting her teeth she final took hold an made her way to the top. Well don Jasmin!

I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy or so the story goes. The truth of the matter is if you were outside yesterday afternoon you were probably shot by Mr Veall or Angela. The mother of all water fights broke out late yesterday afternoon. Sam the instructor started what he thought would be a bit a playful fun. Unfortunately he didn't bank on the fire power of Berkeley, and this was just the warm up! Wait to see what happens when the children go on Nightline!

Last night saw a real surge in the RRR scores. These are the results so far:
Eagles - 36, Hawks - 59, Woodpeckers - 43, Robin - 41, Wren - 53, Pelican - 47, Stork - 53.5, Duck - 43.

A special congratulations needs to go to the Robins who vastly improved their score last night - 19.5 out of 20. Well done lads we knew you could do it!


This morning there are a few patchy coloured children, Joshua assured us that the brown mark round his neck was from the effects of the sun and not the effects of hydrophobia! Miss Houghton is sporting a rather fetching red and white pattern on her back reminiscent of the 'Sure' deodorant advert. (Living in the 80’s)

Today has been a very active day. All groups have been quad biking and have also had the pleasure of Nightline. The instructors this year have improved their game plan, a collection of full water bottles could be found round every corner and the odd squished banana was placed strategically at the end of tunnels. Of course the obligatory super-soakers were also present and handled with masterful accuracy. Some children embraced this session with admirable determination. It could be said that some of them took to it like pigs in mud and there was plenty of mud to be found. Mud, mud glorious mud!

The Group Leader Jinx


For those of you who are familiar with last year’s website you may remember the Callaway conspiracy. Who would have thought that anyone could surpass Mr Callaway’s aloofness? Not to be out done Mrs Bayley started the week by not even getting on the bus. She waved us good by with smiles and resounding reassurances that she would join us sometime on Monday. True to her word she arrived to greet us with the brightness of someone who had obviously had a good nights sleep, we were not bitter!

Like the children, the staff have there favourite activities. Personally I favour the wall, there is something satisfying about reaching the top of an artificial cliff face. Now for Mrs Bayley the Nightline never fails to disappoint which is why her failure to appear at the any of the Nightline sessions was so mysterious.

Fortunately for the Kingswood staff she had not made it to the first aid room to torture them with stories of her life. Perhaps they have learnt from last years mistakes. New staff protocol is to run if they see a member of the Berkeley Senior Management Team heading their way! So if you have any information about Mrs Bayley disappearance contact crime hotline. Please, please tell me now is there something I should know?


In Big Brother style the children were awoken by a fire alarm. Fortunately for us no one threw a tantrum and all the plates have remained intact.

Video killed the radio star but there is no fear of the Kingswood internet killing Postman Pat. I can only apologise once again. All groups were timetabled to do emailing today however, the server failed to deliver yet again. Mr Veall has spent the day down loading the guest book, probably best not to ask how he managed to do this, but desperate times call for desperate measures! We will try to upload as many picture as possible but if all else fails we will add what pictures we have when we return home.

Today there has been a real mixture of activities. The Emailing modules were replaced with Dance EJ, a music package that enables users to compile sound samples to create a sure fire hit!

The weather has managed to hold out today despite the forecasters predicting thunder storms. Year 5’s and 6’s have joined forced to climb walls, compete at volleyball and join in parachute games. The 6th session this afternoon became rather tense, there was a distinct smell of testosterone in the air. Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone. Mr Veall could be heard yelling at his team to throw to the ‘GREEN BASE!’ but did they listen? Si the instructor was reputedly heard to shout ‘ HOME!’ we can only presume he wanted to go there and who could blame him, his team far from professional. All this nagging failed to have any effect on the children and the ball flew threw the air with all the accuracy of a dodo. The final score – Who knows it all got a bit chaotic.

It’s the final count down!

Our last day at Kingswood was superb. We went a wandering along the mountain path, our nap-sacks on our backs. After a short walk down to the beach the children were able to build sandcastles, go rock pooling or play beach games. Fortunately for us there was no GREEN BASE to be found. Luke wasted no time in collecting a cacophony of gruesome beach treasures, the jewel in the crown was the complete fish skeleton … Nice!

The year 6 boys completely ignored the invites to play beach cricket and set about the construction of ‘Sea World’. The outer structure was designed to protect the inner architecture from the harsh waves. This worked well until the tide began to creep up the beach and eventually engulf the entire complex.

Our last meal at Kingswood was spent in the great outdoors. I took this opportunity to take a photograph of the whole group and reflect on the weeks events. The children had changed, yes they were grubbier but there was something more profound. As a group they had become closer, more tolerant and more supportive. It was at this point in the week that I realised why we as a staff volunteer to run these trips. Your children have been happy, they’ve been sad, they’ve been frightened, they’ve been brave but through it all they’ve been children to be proud of.

Thank you again for all you support.


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